The Source of Basement Water That’s Causing Flooding

Minor leakage rarely causes structural damage and flood cleanup might not even be an option that’s worth considering. However, leakage is still a major inconvenience no matter what angle you’re going to look at. Other people may also be turned off by the odor that is caused by mold and mildew. Aside from that, allergic reactions and respiratory ailments seem inevitable to those that have weak immune systems. While it’s still minimal, water damage must be fixed to avoid dealing with mold. The faster the water damage restoration, the better.

Flooded basement

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Taking a look at the water damage once isn’t going to help you determine the severity of the problem right away. The most common defect that’s always identified during inspection is water damage in the basement. Luckily, it’s also one of the most preventable types of water leakage. It’s usually the result of improper exterior grading, cracked exterior surfaces, lack of proper gutters, etc. Continue reading


Eliminate the Effects of Mold from Water Damage

Your home requires water damage restoration to avoid the growth of water damage mold. Water damage is viewed as a problem that affects plenty of homes ever year. If you’re a homeowner, you need to precisely learn about water damage and it various forms. There are a lot of ways that water damage can occur and there are also a lot of sources of the problem. Structural damage aside, the most severe effect of water damage is mold growth. People hire professionals to deal with mold because they are hard to deal with, especially those that came from water damage.

Water Damage

Mold has the potential to grow just after a few days after water has engulfed some areas of your home. Because a large area has been filled with water, mold can expand rapidly, even throughout the entire area that has been affected by water damage. Mold can also contribute to structural damage, but the most infamous effect of mold is being a danger to the health of your family. Continue reading

Why Should Professionals Do Mold Removal at Home?

Many people try to remove molds at home, but they still wind up calling professionals for Mold removal. That’s because they’ll realize in the end that molds are too hard to remove. They keep coming back just a few days after they were eradicated from parts of your home. A mold removal company has professionals that remove molds by doing several steps. A person who has limited knowledge regarding molds can only do much. If he fails to properly remove molds, he is putting his health, as well as his family’s, in danger. Exposure to molds can lead to several health symptoms which vary from one person to the other.

Mold Removal at Home

Mold removal companies are highly reliable when dealing with mold infestation in your home. They follow a process of removing molds at home. They don’t deal with molds hands-on if they can’t determine the growth first and how bad it is. They have different strategies and methods that they use in order to properly remove molds. There are a lot of people that are attempting to remove molds at their respective homes. While it’s admirable, there is just no guarantee that molds are eliminated.

Here are the reasons why mold removal must be done by the professionals: Continue reading

Steps That Are Taken by Professional Mold Removal Companies

Some people hire Mold Removal Services because they are aware of the harm that molds bring to their health. The obvious reason why they opt to let professionals do the remediation is because they have the right equipment. Aside from that, they are knowledgeable about the removal and molds, in general. You can prevent molds from infecting your ceiling ,walls or floor with their help. There are cases in which mold growth at home is only minimal. If so, you can do the remediation process by yourself. However, if they are that bad, they should be removed by professionals. There is more concern if you see that there are family members that are already getting sick.

Professional Mold Removal Companies

Professionals follow a procedure to carefully and effectively remove molds that are growing inside of homes. It’s not as simple as pouring cleaning products on the affected area and then scrubbing the molds off. There are methods that they display so that molds are properly removed and they will not return again. There are those that do the mold remediation process by themselves, only to end up failing because molds still return to those areas that they cleaned. So, what exactly do professionals do to ensure people that their homes are mold-free? Read further: Continue reading

Preventing Mold Growth on the Ceiling

If the problem on molds is not attended to immediately, it can lead to inevitable damages inside of the house. It can also lead to several illnesses to the members of the family. The most common place wherein the molds grow, aside from the walls, is the ceiling. Families stay inside of the home for a long period of time, especially during weekends, holidays and school breaks. It feels uncomfortable knowing that there are molds all over the house and your family is likely breathing in air that has mold spores in it. Most homes are always inhabited by molds and this can lead to disaster if not acted upon quickly. It is a definite cause for concern.

With molds, you’re not really sure where they are going to grow. But, they do not sprung up out of nowhere. There’s a reason why they grow in a particular area in house. The ceiling is one of the areas in which mold growth is heavy.  Perhaps it’s improper ventilation or leaked plumbing that caused molds to grow on the ceiling. Before they break out, you need to stop molds on their tracks. Before it even starts to grow, you better find means to prevent it. It’s better to say to yourself that you must prevent molds than to say that you have to remove molds that have made their way inside of the house. Continue reading

Why Should You Be Alarmed of the Molds at Home

Most homes are always inhabited by molds due to faulty plumbing, wherein the leakage of water is certain. Because of this, areas that are affected are damp or wet. This then leads to the growth of molds.  Yes, they are part of the environment, but because of exposure to moisture, molds attack homes. There are molds that are beneficial, but most of them cause nothing but harm to people. Some pose a serious threat to individuals, especially to those who have weak immune systems. Molds can also spread in a variety of ways. Most say that proper hygiene is vital in avoiding molds. Meanwhile, others think that it not that dangerous. Here are reasons why you should take caution of the growth of molds at home:

They Can Make Parts of  Your Home Unappealing

Most molds can be seen by the naked eye and most of the time, they cannot be hidden. Molds are conspicuous in appearance and if people that visit your home see them, they may be tuned off. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They can be seen creeping on the walls, ceilings, floors and so on. Aside from making their presence felt by being visible, they also cause bad odor to the home. Molds produce a gas called Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds. They spread in the air when molds are actively growing. The person who may inhale it can also suffer from symptoms such as headache, nausea or dizziness. Continue reading

Water-borne Diseases and Floods: Facts and Avoidance

contaminated drinking waterSure, you might have finished the tedious process of flood restoration and cleanup, but after one day of doing so, you might be suffering from a painful, and debilitating disease. You may have gotten it while in the process of cleaning up, especially if you refused to wear protective gear while doing so. You may have dried and disinfected the floors, walls, pieces of furniture, attic, prevented mold growth in susceptible areas and cleared out the basement but you might have made one fatal mistake: you did not look out for your safety and well-being. That said, here are some of the flood-borne diseases that you may experience if you disregard your welfare during the ordeal:

Typhoid Fever

One of the reasons why you need to protect yourself during flood restoration is because of Typhoid Fever. This can be transmitted through person-to-person interaction and through food and water consumption. Primarily common in third world countries, it is potentially debilitating and is caused by certain strains of Salmonella paratyphoid, namely: S. Paratyphi, S. Schottmuelleri, and S. Hirschfeldii. In the event of floods, it can be communicated be transmitted through: Continue reading