Mold Prevention 101

mold at home solutionsMold is definitely one of the perennial and persistent problems that the modern American family faces, considering its negative effects on the household (so if you are facing one right now, try consulting the services of a nymoldpro, a mold removal company) . Basically, as stated in the previous entry, mold is a fungus which thrives in moist and warm environments which can grow on any wooden or plant based surfaces which unfortunately includes the wooden parts of your home and the wallpapers that you may have placed for decoration and aesthetic purposes. There are over hundreds of thousands of types of mold, and they are pretty unforgiving, considering that they can cause countless complications that will be of great discomfort to the human beings in the household. Once you have this problem, then immediately try to avail professional help – some types of mold are toxic – but if you do not, then make sure to follow these steps in order to not experience such heavy and nasty burden.

Quell plumbing problems and other sources of spills and moisture

Once you have plumbing problems in your house’s interior then immediately have it checked. Plumbing is a major source of spills and moisture those two things are vital ingredients to start a mold infestation. In rotten wood wallpaper that has not been dry for a long time, eventually, green or black spots will appear. In order to avoid this, we have to make sure that the dampened area has been thoroughly dried out in less than 48 hours.

House structure and maintenance

If you are planning to purchase or build a house on your own, you have to make sure that the ground slopes away from the building foundation so that water will not be able to seep into the basement or crawl space. This is actually a pretty good proactive measure, that will inhibit their growth and make it easier for you to visit your basement. Mold loves growing on dead plant material, so be sure to clean out your roof gutters as well as the area inside the shingles. They may be able to make a living on top of your heads, so take precaution. Make sure that the kitchen sink and the appliances are constantly cleaned up and dried out, to make sure that mold will not thrive in the likeliest of places. Also remember to check out the kitchen cupboards as well.

Reduce humidity

molds at homeThis is pretty applicable to homes in areas that are always experiencing heavy rainfall or slight drizzle. Reducing air humidity may require the help of a humidifier which are not really a cost-effective measure, so be sure to look for ones with energy star labels. If it is not an option, then constantly cleaning the house and drying everything up will definitely help out in the long. Lastly, you may want to insulate pipes and other water sources.

The steps and tips mentioned above are sure fire ways to prevent the growth of mold. Remember, it may only take them a few hours to increase and spread out, so take precaution.


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