Quelling the Damage of Mold and Water Damage

Natural calamities are a major burden, especially typhoons and cyclones, which makes flood damage restoration services a necessity. The people living near the coast, especially near the Pacific and Atlantic in states like New York, New Jersey, Seattle and California, are pretty much susceptible to the problems that torrential rainfall will bring. If you think the flood waters are the focal point of your problems, wait until they recede; by then you will see the full extent of the damage caused by the major deluge. Structural damage as well as sanitary and health problems are a major issue when a torrent of rain fall from the sky, so it is important to know the ways on how to learn and quell the damage. With that said, here are some of the things that you may want to consider:

flooded basement

The dangers

Sometimes we only consider that the types of water damage can be cleaned with a mop or a rag and fail to see the bigger picture; waist deep water in the house wreaking havoc and destroying everything in its path, including the furniture and electronics that you worked so hard to pay for. However, aside from this, water is able to penetrate through the cracks structural foundations, especially if you a have a basement. This will ultimately lead to bad odor, discoloration, physical damage and of course, mold growth. The consequences of restoration that has been done haphazardly – including health and sanitation – are far too great to be ignored.

Why is flood restoration important?

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the consequences are far too severe. When the flood waters recede, it is essential to remove excess water that has been trapped in the cracks and holes in the walls and pieces of furniture. Cleaning the flooded areas of the house – especially the basement – is pretty important. First, excess water must be removed, the area will be then cleaned and disinfected and finally, everything will be dried out. Excess moisture and humidity paired with unsanitary conditions are the ideal living conditions of mold. The fungus is able to grow in less than 48 hours – meaning the cleanup and restoration process must be done immediately.

Aside from floods, what are the other sources of water damage?

Natural calamities happen once in a while, and the chances of it doing major damage can be quelled by right preparation and proactive measures. However, what about everyday factors? Sometimes, we ignore the little defects around our homes that have the potential to be major problems in the future. Other sources of water damage may come from leaky pipes and faulty plumbing. Once you have found a defective pipe, immediately find a way to repair or replace it, since the cost of doing so will outweigh the reparation costs of the damage that can be sustained from it. Try to dry everything up immediately, since not doing so will allow the growth of mold, opening everything up to all sorts of damage. Remember, mold can grow and thrive in such a short period of time!


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