Steps in Removing Mold

As mentioned in the previous articles, mold is one of the worst perennial problems (the only way to solve this is to resort to mold removal) every American household faces. They are capable of all sorts of damage that will eventually cost people exposed to them heavily. Aside from repairing and restoring the structural damage, they are also capable of bodily damage and sickness. Removing them while they are at their infancy stage is an absolute necessity, but if it is too large, then it is imperative to hire the services of a mold removal company. Anyway, here are some things that you need to do in order to ensure that mold is just a piece of history in your home.

home mold testing works

Keep everything dry

This may seem to be prevention and not mold removal, however keeping the atmosphere dry and humidity levels low is an imperative factor to keeping them at bay. First off, we cannot totally eradicate or exterminate mold completely from our homes; they will continue to exist no matter what we do. However, we can always try to find a way to inhibit the growth of their spores, especially the ones found of the walls. The best way to keep everything dry is to resort to basic cleaning techniques, like making sure everything is dry after cleaning. As for lowering the humidity levels, use a humidifier or an air conditioner; both will work wonderfully, however, make sure that they have an Energy Star label.

Bleaching and Chemicals

If a small area on your wall is infested with mold, you may want to immediately get rid of the scourge that latched itself onto it. If it is attached to the wallpaper, immediately remove it and dispose of it – it is now useless. As long as the area is manageable, you may be able to do the task, but if it happens to be too large for comfort, have a professional company do the task. When doing it on your own, utilize bleach and other strong detergents – these may do the trick. However, remember to be equipped with the necessary protection: rubber gloves, protective glasses and a face mask. If you can procure a hazmat suit, then the better, especially if you are going to resort as something as dangerous as hydrochloric acid. These substances can harm the skin and produce burns while the fumes are strong enough to make people faint. Breathing masks will not only protect you from the fumes, but also from the mold, especially if it is the black colored variety.

Post cleaning processes

After the applying bleach and scrubbing the area, make sure to remove all the traces of not only the mold, but also the substances used to clean it. Fungus is pretty hard to kill, so just ensuring yourself that it is killed and its potential for growth is quelled, then it is find. After which, conduct an assessment and try to find the source and the reason on why it existed in the first place.


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