Mold-Busting Substances and Procedures

Mold is a common problem to a lot of households in the United States, which is why mold removal is a wildly sought out service. As mentioned previously, mold is a type of fungus that thrives whenever moisture is present. It is commonly found latched on plant based materials like wood, fruits, paper and some fabrics. Their main function is to decompose the above mentioned materials. They may play a crucial role in helping nature carry out its roles and tasks, however, they are a hindrance to a lot of people, due to their numerous destructive capabilities. Structural damage to wooden frames, wallpapers and plumbing systems are common. Nobody would want black, green and white spots producing spores by the second on their walls right? With that said, mold is also a health hazard. People who are exposed to the spores may experience allergic symptoms.

Do not fret though, there are a lot of ways to remove them and prevention is pretty simple as well. However, if you are hit with a major calamity with no means to inhibit their growth, your best option is to resort to a reactive measure: exterminating them during their inception right after the flood waters recede. Here are some household items that you can use in order to eradicate them from your home:


Bleaching Powder

Bleach Powder

This substance is not only an essential ingredient for whitening clothes and cleaning things up but it is also an essential mold removal ingredient. It is actually made of a collection of compounds which are able to remove dirt and kill microorganisms. In using it in mold removal, its abilities is strictly limited to non porous materials (not water absorbent, with the exception of fabrics) like tiles, glass, bathtubs and porcelain surfaces. Bleach is unable to penetrate into the porous materials and is only limited to destroying the mold on the surface. In using this, make sure that the area is well-ventilated and that you are protected by gloves and a face mask – bleach is corrosive and lets out strong fumes.


Vinegar as Mold Solutions


Mainly used as a cooking ingredient, only a handful of people know about this substance’s mold removal and cleaning capabilities. Though the smell may be unpleasant to some people, the odor will dissipate in a few hours, taking 82% of the mold with them (if undiluted). In using it as a mold removal material, mix with water on a spray bottle and apply it on a non-porous surface without rinsing.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Like bleach, it is used as a cleaning agent and is effective in doing such, however, did you know that it can also eradicate mold? It is also a safer substance, considering the fact that it does not leave behind any toxic fumes that bleach does. Anyway, this can be bought on drug stores with 3% concentration. Aside from being able to kill mold, it also has anti-bacterial and viral properties. Talk about versatility.

Regardless of the material you are utilizing, always remember to follow the correct procedures in the mold removal process to avoid untoward accidents. Lastly, if the task is too large, you should just hire the services of your local mold removal company.


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