When to Call in Mold Removal Experts

home mold servicesCalling in the heavy cavalry in the war against mold, professional mold removal services, is an absolute necessity especially if the scope of the problem covers a huge area in your home. In the previous articles, we have already discussed the ways to prevent mold, kill it and the health hazards that it is capable of doing to your home. However, we might not be equipped with the tools and the expertise in order to do the job efficiently, which is why complications in the future may continue to bug us. With that said, here are the situations that call for mold removal experts:

If the mold problem is recurring

Despite your efforts to eliminate the fungi from your home, some may suddenly appear every now and then and in this case, it may be a must to call in mold removal services. In this situation, you may have eliminated a colony in a particular area, however, spores may have latched themselves in the said surface after the effects of the cleaning agent’s effects have worn off. Remember, mold is able to reproduce via air, simply by releasing spores and letting the wind take it anywhere. It may also signal that mold may be present in other parts of the home which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

If the mold problem is too large to handle

If the scope of the mold growth covers a large part of the room or larger than 10 square feet, better call in mold removal services. This is so because you may not be able to clean it up properly especially if you have little or no experience with the task. Cleaning it yourself will certainly expose you to mold spores, especially if you are not wearing the recommended proper gear and attire. Add the fact that you may experience the health hazards brought about by this fungus, like allergic symptoms and severe diseases like aspergillosis and mycotoxicosis. Remember that in mold removal, effort is not rewarded by results if you are not equipped with the skills.

After a major deluge, continued leaks and floods

wall molds

In the aftermath of floods, you will be facing a number of problems; this includes mold growth. This is so because floods and leaks create the conditions that make mold able to thrive. This is usually common in homes that are made of wood and are employing the use of “dry” wallpaper. In this case, do not wait for mold to start growing – immediately hire professional mold removal services to help out with water damage and flood cleanup and restoration to immediately quell the damage and inhibit the conditions that contribute to mold growth. With their services, you may be able to pick up a few preventive measures and advice as well.

If anyone gets sick for long periods of time for no reason

Calling mold removal services to check on your home is a must especially if members of your household, especially young ones and those with existing respiratory conditions get sick. Inhalation of mold spores can cause severe allergic and flu-like symptoms. So if the source of the disease cannot be determined, you may want to contact mold removal services. This situation is common especially during rainy seasons.


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