Flood Cleanup Tips: Making it Bearable

The aftermath of a flood is such a harrowing experience, considering the fact that you still have to face the backbreaking task of flood cleanup. Though you may want to leave it to the hands of professional services, it would not hurt to do the job yourself, given that you properly protect yourself. Though you may have a general idea of what to do during flood cleanup, let’s delve to the specifics – how can you make flood cleanup easier and a little bearable?

flood aftermath

Protect yourself

In order to face flood cleanup safely head-on, be sure that you are equipped with the necessary equipment and dressed in protective gear in order to protect yourself from the many dangers flood waters possess. With that said, what should you be equipped with?

  • Rubber boots – never wade into the flood water without this, given that its main function is to protect your feet not only from the water, but also the things that come with it. The soles are hard enough to not let debris and sharp objects from hurting you, as well as preventing the water (and the bacteria) from making contact with your skin. Add the fact that it protects you from the electrocution, this is certainly something you should be equipped with.
  • Face mask – Aside from neutralizing the stench of dirty flood water and the washed off debris, you need to also protect yourself from the fumes released by cleaning agents like bleach, given the fact that it is enough to make a person faint.
  • Gloves – As much as possible, try to make little or no contact with the flood water. A pair of non-porous ones will allow you to not only handle the equipment safely, but also the cleaning the agents.
  • Goggles – obviously, you need to be able to protect your eyes from flood waters that may potentially splash into the air.
  • A non-porous suit – if you could get a hazmat suit, then the better, although ones made of plastic or rubber will suffice.

Protecting yourself will not only make the cleanup process easier, but it will also ensure that you will not face any health-related complications during and after cleanup.

home water damage

Cleanup proper

Pretty much a backbreaking task, it is rather hard to imagine that flood cleanup can actually be a fun activity. Once you have geared up and are ready to face it with your family, here are some ways to make the task a lot easier:

  • Though shovels are your primary cleaning tool, be sure to also make use of the garden hose, but only if there is no shortage of water in your area. This is so because the pressure and the water washes away the dirt as well as the things that come with it at the same time.
  • Clean up with your family. Cleaning, although not a traditional way to bond, can be potentially fun, especially if you pair it with humorous conversations.
  • Lastly, make use of chlorine bleach, in order to kill off all microorganisms.

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