Where can Mold Grow?

Availing the expertise of mold removal services during flood cleanup would certainly make it a lot bearable. These people know how to quell the damage brought by the deluge, as well as prevent other sorts of potentially damaging substances from thriving. One of these substances is the perennial American household problem known to us as mold, which can cause a number of both body and health-related issues and structural problems. You may already know the ways in preventing and removing them, but are you well-versed in finding where they are? Here are some certain locations around homes which are this type of fungus’ favorites:

Behind the walls

mold on corner

You and your local mold removal services may encounter mold growth behind wall cavities, dry wallpapers and in wallpaper glue. In the case of wall cavities and wooden wall frames, the occurrence of mold is common, mainly because it may be host to warm, moist and humid air, paving the way for mold growth. It could also happen in the case of leaky pipes, mainly because trapped water and moisture is the primary cause of mold growth. That said, renovation may be necessary, although cleaning and repairing the leak and the surrounding areas would suffice. Once you find mold on the dry wallpaper, immediately dispose of it so as to eliminate future growth.


molds on furnitures

Mold removal services could also encounter mold on furniture, particularly ones that are made of wood and foam. Their growth on sofas, recliners and dining tables is common in the aftermath of floods, especially if they are not disinfected and dried properly. That said, upholstered pieces of furniture are susceptible, mainly because they absorb moisture pretty well (like in the case of spilled drinks and high humidity). Mold can cause damage on the wood, given the fact that they can cause the material to rot, causing instability and lessened durability.


One particular area of a house that should be visited by mold removal services is the basement. Why? Well, this area is mold’s favorite target and its overall composition, function and location is tailor made for mold growth. This is so because basements are the first and hardest hit in the occurrence of floods and in many cases, the hardest to clean up. Also, the cold temperature of a basement may cause condensation, thus dampening the area, particularly the parts that are made of wood and can even spread throughout the other areas of the house. The only way to prevent mold growth is by simply regular maintenance and by resorting to humidifiers.

Other susceptible areas include the attic, kitchen and bathrooms. For attics, mold growth is primarily caused by faulty ventilation and damp insulation. It could also be caused by leaky roofs. In kitchens, mold growth is common especially if there are leaky pipes and if the proper hygienic practices and cleaning methods are not observed. In bathrooms, well obviously, it is constantly wet. Overall, mold can easily be quelled, but if found in huge amounts, resort to asking for help from professional mold removal services to help you out.


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