Why Should You Be Alarmed of the Molds at Home

Most homes are always inhabited by molds due to faulty plumbing, wherein the leakage of water is certain. Because of this, areas that are affected are damp or wet. This then leads to the growth of molds.  Yes, they are part of the environment, but because of exposure to moisture, molds attack homes. There are molds that are beneficial, but most of them cause nothing but harm to people. Some pose a serious threat to individuals, especially to those who have weak immune systems. Molds can also spread in a variety of ways. Most say that proper hygiene is vital in avoiding molds. Meanwhile, others think that it not that dangerous. Here are reasons why you should take caution of the growth of molds at home:

They Can Make Parts of  Your Home Unappealing

Most molds can be seen by the naked eye and most of the time, they cannot be hidden. Molds are conspicuous in appearance and if people that visit your home see them, they may be tuned off. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They can be seen creeping on the walls, ceilings, floors and so on. Aside from making their presence felt by being visible, they also cause bad odor to the home. Molds produce a gas called Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds. They spread in the air when molds are actively growing. The person who may inhale it can also suffer from symptoms such as headache, nausea or dizziness.

Putting Your Health at Risk

Molds : Health Risks

The presence of mold can affect the health of people who have weak immune systems. Although, there are times in which a person will not be affected despite of exposure to molds. There is a wide range of symptoms that can be sustained after being exposed to molds. The least that you can get from molds is allergies. Asthma is also compounded by molds. People can get skin irritation and infection if they come into contact with specific types of molds. Since mold spores are airborne, anyone in the house can inhale it.

They Can Multiply Fast

Mold is considered as one of the fastest growing bacteria. They can multiply in size in just a matter of days. Pair that with the fact that they can survive for a long time and you have a recipe for disaster. Since they affect the health of humans, their fast growing size can lead to even worse health problems. There are cases in which a homeowner tries to remove mold, but it came back after a couple of months. Given the right conditions, molds can grow fast without you knowing it. Mold indoors are the most dangerous kind to deal with. The long term effects of mold is devastating.

The growth of these molds should send every homeowner reeling. They should take caution of the appearance of molds at the house. The impact—when exposed to mold–may vary from person to person, but it’s always good to make sure that the family members are always safe from the harm that molds may cause. If not given attention, molds can affect the health and damage the home. Taking action to eliminate or avoid molds is the best thing to do.


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