Where can Mold Grow?

Availing the expertise of mold removal services during flood cleanup would certainly make it a lot bearable. These people know how to quell the damage brought by the deluge, as well as prevent other sorts of potentially damaging substances from thriving. One of these substances is the perennial American household problem known to us as mold, which can cause a number of both body and health-related issues and structural problems. You may already know the ways in preventing and removing them, but are you well-versed in finding where they are? Here are some certain locations around homes which are this type of fungus’ favorites:

Behind the walls

mold on corner

You and your local mold removal services may encounter mold growth behind wall cavities, dry wallpapers and in wallpaper glue. In the case of wall cavities and wooden wall frames, the occurrence of mold is common, mainly because it may be host to warm, moist and humid air, paving the way for mold growth. It could also happen in the case of leaky pipes, mainly because trapped water and moisture is the primary cause of mold growth. That said, renovation may be necessary, although cleaning and repairing the leak and the surrounding areas would suffice. Once you find mold on the dry wallpaper, immediately dispose of it so as to eliminate future growth. Continue reading


Flood Cleanup Tips: Making it Bearable

The aftermath of a flood is such a harrowing experience, considering the fact that you still have to face the backbreaking task of flood cleanup. Though you may want to leave it to the hands of professional services, it would not hurt to do the job yourself, given that you properly protect yourself. Though you may have a general idea of what to do during flood cleanup, let’s delve to the specifics – how can you make flood cleanup easier and a little bearable?

flood aftermath

Protect yourself

In order to face flood cleanup safely head-on, be sure that you are equipped with the necessary equipment and dressed in protective gear in order to protect yourself from the many dangers flood waters possess. With that said, what should you be equipped with? Continue reading

When to Call in Mold Removal Experts

home mold servicesCalling in the heavy cavalry in the war against mold, professional mold removal services, is an absolute necessity especially if the scope of the problem covers a huge area in your home. In the previous articles, we have already discussed the ways to prevent mold, kill it and the health hazards that it is capable of doing to your home. However, we might not be equipped with the tools and the expertise in order to do the job efficiently, which is why complications in the future may continue to bug us. With that said, here are the situations that call for mold removal experts:

If the mold problem is recurring

Despite your efforts to eliminate the fungi from your home, some may suddenly appear every now and then and in this case, it may be a must to call in mold removal services. In this situation, you may have eliminated a colony in a particular area, however, spores may have latched themselves in the said surface after the effects of the cleaning agent’s effects have worn off. Remember, mold is able to reproduce via air, simply by releasing spores and letting the wind take it anywhere. It may also signal that mold may be present in other parts of the home which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Continue reading

Flood Aftermath: Things You Should Do

Flood restoration will not only involve the repairing your home and bring back the former state of your life before the calamity, but it will also involve moving on from the tragedy. We have all seen what cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes are capable of – widespread destruction, floods and people resorting to underhanded ways to survive. Just look at what happened to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and recently, to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. The scale of destruction is of epic proportions, which is why it is imperative to be armed with information in order to be prepared to face the challenges when they come. People living in coastal areas or near the Pacific and Atlantic, especially in New York must take the necessary precaution after it strikes.

flooded house

Be protected

Let’s presume that you managed to prepare and stock up on supplies before the hurricane struck, making flood restoration and moving on a little easier. If the flood waters invaded your home, it is important to wear the necessary protection. But remember, if it managed to swallow your entire house, immediately relocate and return when the flood waters recede. With that said, here are some necessary precautions: Continue reading

Challenges of Mold Removal

mold removal worksWhile it may seem easy to perform mold removal by resorting to natural and home-based substances on visible surfaces, completely eradicating them and getting rid of the ones thriving on hidden areas is a gargantuan task. Ones hidden behind wooden walls, between the threads on carpets and those that have latched themselves on leaky pipes require great effort to effectively remove them. There are many challenges that an individual at home or a mold removal company face in every task, so with that said, let’s get to know what they are:

First off, they may be pretty hard to find

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, mold removal may involve exterminating ones that are hidden from the naked eye. They may be found behind the walls, especially if your home is primarily made of wood. They may even hide behind the dry wallpaper and only appear in the advanced stages. Knowing the areas that are susceptible to mold growth is an absolute necessity: Continue reading

Mold-Busting Substances and Procedures

Mold is a common problem to a lot of households in the United States, which is why mold removal is a wildly sought out service. As mentioned previously, mold is a type of fungus that thrives whenever moisture is present. It is commonly found latched on plant based materials like wood, fruits, paper and some fabrics. Their main function is to decompose the above mentioned materials. They may play a crucial role in helping nature carry out its roles and tasks, however, they are a hindrance to a lot of people, due to their numerous destructive capabilities. Structural damage to wooden frames, wallpapers and plumbing systems are common. Nobody would want black, green and white spots producing spores by the second on their walls right? With that said, mold is also a health hazard. People who are exposed to the spores may experience allergic symptoms.

Do not fret though, there are a lot of ways to remove them and prevention is pretty simple as well. However, if you are hit with a major calamity with no means to inhibit their growth, your best option is to resort to a reactive measure: exterminating them during their inception right after the flood waters recede. Here are some household items that you can use in order to eradicate them from your home: Continue reading

Steps in Removing Mold

As mentioned in the previous articles, mold is one of the worst perennial problems (the only way to solve this is to resort to mold removal) every American household faces. They are capable of all sorts of damage that will eventually cost people exposed to them heavily. Aside from repairing and restoring the structural damage, they are also capable of bodily damage and sickness. Removing them while they are at their infancy stage is an absolute necessity, but if it is too large, then it is imperative to hire the services of a mold removal company. Anyway, here are some things that you need to do in order to ensure that mold is just a piece of history in your home.

home mold testing works

Keep everything dry

This may seem to be prevention and not mold removal, however keeping the atmosphere dry and humidity levels low is an imperative factor to keeping them at bay. First off, we cannot totally eradicate or exterminate mold completely from our homes; they will continue to exist no matter what we do. However, we can always try to find a way to inhibit the growth of their spores, especially the ones found of the walls. The best way to keep everything dry is to resort to basic cleaning techniques, like making sure everything is dry after cleaning. As for lowering the humidity levels, use a humidifier or an air conditioner; both will work wonderfully, however, make sure that they have an Energy Star label. Continue reading